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Hi Lacrosse Families, Good workout Tuesday! Look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, 10/21, bring your gear bags and store it in the athletic storage room. Boys can leave their gear bag in the storage room: Directions to the storage room - Walk into the administration building from the front entrance and take a right. The door right before Charlin Grogan, our Athletic Secretary, is the athletic storage room. Workout Details: Where: LCC Weight room and Black top Who: LCC 9-12th graders - All participants will be on the same schedule Time: 3:00-4:30 PM What Does it Consist of: Tuesday - 60 Minutes Weight room - 30 Minutes Conditioning Thursday - 45 minutes Weight room - 45 Minutes Stick work/Conditioning Full Fall Session 10/19-12/16 (No workout on Nov 11th or week of Nov 23rd) - Please provide the full session amount you will attend. Consists of 16 training sessions on Tuesday & Thursdays (no workouts 11/23, 11/25). $240 for a 2-month, full session Session 1 - 10/19 - 11/4 Consists of 6 training sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays $90, Session 1 Session 2 - 11/9 - 12/16 Consists of 10 training sessions on Tuesdays & Thursdays (no workouts 11/11, 11/23, 11/25) $150, Session 2 If you haven't yet paid please do so. Please make check payable to LCC Foundation or pay by the paypal link Jen Craft (Carson's Mom) will be collecting the checks. Your Son can give the check to Carson or you can drop it off at 3337 Corte Verso, Carlsbad. There is a table with a drawer at her front door so you can put it there. Please note the player's name on check. If you pay by paypal please email Jen Craft so she can make a note of the payment.

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