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LCC Lacrosse Team Rules

La Costa Canyon Lacrosse Team Rules 1. Academics always come first. If you are struggling in a class immediately notify coach. If you are failing a class you must have a sit down conversation with Coach Cooper and will likely be forbid from practice until grades are brought up. 2. Communication is everything. If you must miss a practice, game or any team activity you need to text or call Coach beforehand letting him know why. 3. Excused Absences - Academic related(tutor, making up a test, meeting with teacher, group project etc.), Sickness/Medical related(sick, miss school, doctors appointment etc.) and Family Matters. Seniors are always excused for College Visits. 4. No use or possession of drugs or alcohol including tobacco and vaping. 5. Be a great teammate. Think about the team first. We above me. You are always representing our program, the team and your family in everything you do on and off the field. Carry yourself that way. 6. Lombardi Rule - always arrive 15 minutes early to practice. If practice starts at 5pm you are expected to be fully dressed and finished stretching at 5pm. Not showing up at 5pm. If you are going to be late communicate. 7. Respect your opponent, referees and fans. Never laugh or make fun of an opponent. Never engage with an opposing fan. Never argue with a referee. Always listen to and respect your coaches. Never speak to an opposing coach. 8. Take your health seriously. Take care of your bodies; hydrate, eat healthy, prioritize sleep/rest and see your Trainer! 9. Injuries Protocol - Tell Coach you are injured or hurt, then go see Matt our trainer to be evaluated, report back to Coach. Get to practice early to see Matt for treatment/evaluations/rehab etc. 10. Win or Learn. Never be a sore loser. Always win with class. Realize losing is a learning opportunity. Never too high, never too low. Don’t read your press clippings. Blinders on, head down and grind all season Please let me know if you think I missed out on anything.


Kevin Cooper

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